Successful Video Marketing: Top 5 Tips From Semalt

What do you set to achieve when you post a video on your website or social media? Do you want it to go viral? Well, that shouldn't be your sole objective. As a marketer you may have heard or read about the amazing stats: as the year 2017 goes by, video marketing campaigns are expected to account for approximately 70% of all consumer traffic, video ads will grow 5 times faster than landing pages plus you'll get a whopping 800% more conversion rate. That makes for a good reading, right? So, how do you create compelling videos?

Alexander Peresunko, the Customer Success Manager from Semalt, provides insight into successful video marketing.

1. Center your videos around the story

There are thousands of annoying videos out there that don't augur well with the online crowd. Don't be that guy. Concentrate on adding value, and naturally, you'll get leads. Make the most out of client's needs and everything else neatly falls into place. You can always put a strategic and relevant call-to-action alongside a 'tracked' URL at the end of the videos (just ensure that it relates with your story).

2. Make it the best ten seconds ever

Did you know that most people click away after a mere 10 seconds or less? What does this imply? Simple: get to your point right from the start. Try sparking curiosity by asking questions or using teasers to hook them right away. The bottom line can be used to make people laugh, teach or inspire them.

3. Lighten up

It would be a blunder to make a boring video. As much as you intend to convert views into leads, you don't need to focus on marketing. Your audience wants to laugh, get enlightened and escape from their boring workday. Humor works wonders. Think out of the box. Don't be constrained by what you see others in your niche doing. Be creative and take risks. According to Dharmesh Shah (founder and CTO of HubSpot) most videos are too edgy and conservative. If you wish to stand out, then you must be creative.

4. Optimize for search engines

There are many tactics you can use to ensure that your videos are easily found on Google and other search engines. For a start, host the video in your domain. Secondly, enable embedding on your videos as this increases the likelihood of getting in-bound links and while you're at it, don't forget to avail video site-maps.

When it comes to SEO for videos, descriptions are everything. They (descriptions) allow for search engine spiders to make use of whatever your videos entail. Ensure that all your videos are tagged with the relevant keywords, titles, and descriptions.

5. Educate and prove your worth

Did you know that about two-thirds of your audience are looking for something new to learn? Take this opportunity to teach them how they can use your services. For instance, create webinars to get your sell your brand as the best there is in a certain niche. Believe it or not, videos are actually a confirmation that your products/services satisfy a need.