Is It Time To Go For Semalt?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Semalt Services
  3. Why Use Semalt? 
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Semalt is a full-stack company that offers automated SEO tools and web development services. Many clients already testify to the efficacy of their tools and services, which are cost-effective. Semalt offers a host of free and paid SEO tools. They basically offer you the basics you need to end up on Google's first page on topics within your niche. 

So how do they do this? First, Semalt offers an initial auto-search service which is kind of their most popular starter operation. By typing in your website URL and clicking the "Start Now" button, the tool will analyze your website to tailor the Semalt platform to your needs. Once the analysis has been completed, you'll be redirected to a dashboard, that will show you everything Semalt has to offer according to the initial analysis.

Semalt Services

Semalt offers diverse services but here are the most popular ones.

I. AutoSEO

If you'd rather focus on running the business from the front end, then you should check out AutoSEO. As the name suggests, it automates an SEO campaign from start to finish—from keyword research to link building. Semalt will also launch a full-scale website analysis to spot structural weaknesses in performance, internal links, and so on.


While AutoSEO is enough to cover the needs of start-ups and small businesses, it's nowhere near as powerful as FullSEO. The most notable difference would be the creation of 3,000 high-quality backlinks per month, whereas AutoSEO only offers 700. FullSEO also includes extensive on-page SEO and backlink profile optimization.

III. Analytics

For those who want to be at the coal face with their SEO, Semalt's Analytics service is a must-have. It gives you a bird's-eye view of your entire SEO picture with emphasis on data that matter.

And as frosting on the cake, it also provides a list of actionable insights and recommendations based on advanced analytics research.

IV. Web Development

Lastly, Semalt provides a comprehensive web development package that can help businesses in any industry. Their main selling point is the integrated SEO-readiness for all projects. And to top it all off, Semalt includes 24/7 maintenance, customer support, and software updates.

Why Use Semalt? 

If you're in need of SEO services, here are some of the reasons why you should consider them:

1. SEO Dashboard

Not a lot of SEO agencies offer their clients an online dashboard where they can track and measure their results. Oftentimes, the clients themselves rely on SEO checker tools to be in the know. Semalt allows you to monitor rankings, perform a complete website analysis, and view reports with just a few clicks.

Semalt's SEO dashboard can accommodate multiple projects, which is useful if you have several web properties. It's also suitable for SEO professionals who are running campaigns for other clients. To include other projects, simply click "Add new project" and fill in the required information.

How can Semalt's Dashboard Boost Your Google Rankings?

The amount of data that you consume every day is overwhelming. As a result, it can be impossible to keep up with the daily grind. When you combine your regular activities as an owner with managing a website, the two will detract from one another. Semalt's process is a way of simplifying the site management process in such a way where you can direct your attention back to where it needs to be: your business. With Semalt's dedicated group of experts happy to guide you through SEO, you will find yourself among the top of Google.

The dashboard is Semalt's result of a process of recognizing what the consumer wants. With a simple system, we want to be sure that you aren't only getting regular updates on the management of your SEO campaigns, but you understand and recognize the growth that these campaigns bring to your business. 

2. In-depth Web Data Insights

You don't need to pay for Semalt to receive actionable insights. Through the built-in "Website Analyzer" on your dashboard, you can view key performance indicators such as your site's bounce rate, Alexa rank, page views, and social signals. To navigate the Website Analyzer, simply scroll through the page or click on the floating top bar. This will allow you to discover even more information such as mobile-friendliness, content uniqueness, page loading speed, domain age, and internal links.

3. Valid Reports (Data)

When it comes to SEO, it's important for clients to grasp exactly what's being accomplished. Unfortunately, some agencies deliver reports on insignificant metrics and changes that only mimic SEO growth. Semalt, on the other hand, translates data into readable form. One example would be the "website visibility" metric, which skips the number-crunching and helps you gauge ROI.

4. Scheduled Reports

Using the Semalt Report Center, you can easily schedule auto-generated reports in PDF or CSV format. To start, click the "Report Center" tab and set your preferences in the following areas:
  • Basic Report Details - Includes information such as the target project, report name, and format.
  • Delivery - Specifies the frequency of reports—weekly, monthly, or daily.
  • Date Range - Specifies the date range of reported data.

5. Flexible Pricing

Everyone knows that there's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to SEO. That's why Semalt ensures you can find the most cost-effective plan in all of their service packages. Their web development service, in particular, takes into account your brand's individual needs before they send over cost estimates. Everything will be expedited by a customer support manager whom you can reach through the Semalt website.


When it comes to competitiveness, Semalt's pricing is a lot more affordable than freelancers and global companies. In fact, you can kickstart a basic automated SEO campaign for just $0.99 for your first month. This consists of comprehensive keyword research, link building, and your dedicated account manager, your Google Dashboard.

If you want to continue after your first month, you'll have to bump up your plan to the regular price of $99 per month for on-page keyword optimization, report generation, and manual website research. This upgraded plan also includes a dynamic link-building campaign that adapts and adjusts over time through analytics. Semalt has so much to offer your business to help your brand grow, so, try them out today and enjoy the best.

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